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Dream number 13850 17 October 2020 4 psychic prediction206 views todaySkyla Whitaker and Taylor Placker were murdered by this man - he is still alive and works as a private investigator - Kevin Sweat was there but he only held her down - works second-floor fort smith office - gay pride

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Dream number 13856 18 October 2020 3 psychic prediction177 views todaySan Francisco earthquake alert.
Dream number 13848 17 October 2020 2 psychic prediction161 views todayThis is the man who is planning on shooting Joe Biden during a speech - this is all I know and as always remember this is just a dream - and I hope this dream does not come true - Hello boys and girls, it’s time to learn your A B C’s L M N O P Q Op Q Anon.
Dream number 13847 17 October 2020 1 psychic prediction147 views todayThe remains of missing child Madeleine McCann located on the beach of light in Praia da Luz Portugal - this is the exact location per over 20 past dreams (again, use a metal detector at this exact location)

Santa Maria
Lagos, Portugal
37.085662, -8.718915
Dream number 13855 18 October 2020 2 psychic prediction147 views todayWater October 23rd - not sure.
Dream number 13854 18 October 2020 1 psychic prediction142 views todayIn the night sky - another UFO nightmare is back.
Dream number 13841 15 October 2020 10 psychic prediction137 views todayWinning Florida Lotto numbers - regardless of the date you read this - play!
Dream number 13857 18 October 2020 4 psychic prediction135 views todayEniya Sinclair missing teen found by Hope Mills lake - numbers - see map

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889-01-january-2006-prediction-brian-ladd-dream134 views today
Stephanie Hollingsworth found - goodwill - lake conway - he called her twice - look at the other phone - concrete blocks - church - this is the third dream about the same events134 views todayStephanie Hollingsworth found - goodwill - lake conway - he called her twice - look at the other phone - concrete blocks - church - this is the third dream about the same events - please look again and share this - here is that location

Southeast Orlando
Orlando, FL
28.476695, -81.291180
Dream number 13849 17 October 2020 3 psychic prediction134 views todayMissing child Cherrie Mahan located - Lake Saxony - US Army - reports are wrong - numbers

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Dream number 13387 28 July 2020 2 psychic prediction129 views todayThe remains of Madeleine McCann located, 217, Light
894-01-january-2006-prediction-brian-ladd-dream118 views todayThis dream from January 2006 says China COVID deaths and gives numbers - now remember this dream was from 2006 and it also says Wuhan China lab - im looking at other dreams from 2006 that might be related to coronavirus pandemic

891-01-january-2006-prediction-brian-ladd-dream112 views today
892-01-january-2006-prediction-brian-ladd-dream112 views today
893-01-january-2006-prediction-brian-ladd-dream112 views today
895-01-january-2006-prediction-brian-ladd-dream112 views today
890-01-january-2006-prediction-brian-ladd-dream111 views today
896-01-january-2006-prediction-brian-ladd-dream111 views today
Dream number 13770 5 October 2020 6 psychic prediction111 views todayStephanie Hollingswort found - he called her in Walmart - she left out the south entrance and met him at goodwill - cc tv - church - concrete blocks

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897-01-january-2006-prediction-brian-ladd-dream110 views today
841-01-january-2006-prediction-brian-ladd-dream~0110 views today
Breasia Terrell found 6105 views todayfrom 5 dd's dated 8-11-2020

Breasia Terrell found, same place, numbers, he had a hammer?
The man helping search knew him and know what cell he is in? August 21st, (563) 3239912, 4539435, he was on the phone, he was in jail before, look again, keeps talking about a friend, his name is wrong, not him wrong man, police are wasting time, they are following tips from the wrong man?

Not sure, but id she is alive, she is still in this trailer or room, or near it is she is not alive, I hope I'm wrong about that part.

per dd, this is the location I hope she is not, but there is some sort of item from him there (maybe from another of his victims)
grid 41.580105, -90.531221 in Davenport

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842-01-january-2006-prediction-brian-ladd-dream~0102 views today
888-01-january-2006-prediction-brian-ladd-dream101 views today
Dream number 13761 4 October 2020 6 psychic prediction87 views todayplay until you win - upcoming winning Euro Millions lottery numbers

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Missing Breasia Terrell found Dream number 13336 18 July 2020 13 psychic prediction71 views todayfrom 3 dd's dated 7/18/20

Missing Breasia Terrell found

room, slept here, trash and boxes, the entire letter is lies, arrest made in ?? days, this is her, no, no, henry? stop, stop, found July 21st, numbers and symbols

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Dream number 13893 22 October 2020 5 psychic prediction70 views todayMissing man Carlos Rose found - 7172581250 - he was buying this - more numbers - grapes - he has killed 4 people boiling springs - holiday creek - serial killer dream

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