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Dream number 14006 7 November 2020 2 psychic prediction113 views todayDOG = LIFE
missing case number 12359 by Psychic Brian Ladd - found113 views todaycase at

Missing person found - case update by psychic Brian Ladd
case Updates 2021

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Dream number 14131 4 December 2020 1 psychic prediction113 views todayDay 3 3 1 Night 2 4 1 - you - yes you - no matter when you're reading this.
4595-03-march-2012-prediction-brian-ladd-dream~0~0112 views today
4622-05-may-2012-prediction-brian-ladd-dream~0~0112 views today
4627-05-may-2012-prediction-brian-ladd-dream~0~0112 views today
IMG 0708112 views todayFort Dix Basic Training graduation 1989,
Dream number 10209 31 March 2018 10 psychic prediction112 views todaydd - Dream number 10209 31 March 2018 10
Dream number 10929 14 August 2018 1 psychic prediction112 views todayThis again is related to the Mollie Tibbits MP case, I'm not going to translate it nor will I post this dd in the official case file, as it seems to be getting more attention than normal. Just posting this DD in my nightly dream section will hopefully prevent the wrong person from viewing it as 99.999999% of my readers have no idea where Mollie could e. To the family of're being lied too, and there seems to be something that either you have not discussed with LE and they know it or local LE is hiding from you. I suggest you look again at the area Mollie went missing and do it on your own, something is wrong here and I'm not going to say anything else. This needs to happen NOW as in less than a week...well...please just do everything you can...regardless!!! AGAIN, I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS!!! PLEASE!! PLEASE!!! TELL MOLLIES FAMILY ABOUT THIS - Dream number 10929 14 August 2018 1
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Dream number 12081 11 August 2019 1 psychic prediction ladd~0112 views todayIMG_0663 brian laddd psychic 2019
Dream number 13937 28 October 2020 5 psychic prediction112 views todayOn November 2nd, 2020 right before the USA presidential election, the sky will light up?
Dream number 14188 19 December 2020 1 psychic prediction112 views todayUK January 8th 2021 - COVID-19 vaccine no longer works due to mutation - the entire country locks down - fatality rate is 27 %
Dream number 14191 19 December 2020 4 psychic prediction112 views todayEsther Dingley found - was hidden from the sky - to save time this is her exact location.

Brèche de la Fenêtre, 65120 Gavarnie-Gèdre, France

case at

Maura Murray 283 27 200629 by Psychic Brian Ladd111 views todayMaura Murray (3.27.2006) by Psychic Brian Ladd
Yeah I know I said I would not go back to this place - well I missed it Anyway I realize Im 3 weeks behind should be OK by this Tuesday April 23rd 2019 2111 views todayYeah I know I said I would not go back to this place - well I missed it Anyway I realize I'm 3 weeks behind should be OK by this Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019
Verruckt Caleb Schwab Schlitterbahn Water Park accident dream prediction number 5689 june 10 2014 2 dreams brian ladd111 views todayWaterslide accident dream from June of 2014 two years later Caleb Schwab was decapitated in Water Slide Accident at Schlitterbahn Water Park in Kansas City, the numbers on this dd matched the phone number of the park.

Verrückt Caleb Schwab Schlitterbahn Water Park accident

Police have revealed that 10-year-old Caleb Schwab – who was involved in a fatal accident at Schlitterbahn Water Park in Kansas City on Sunday – died of a “neck injury,” PEOPLE confirms.

Caleb was found dead at the bottom of the slide in the pool and police confirm to PEOPLE that he had been decapitated.

Witness Kelsey Friedrichsen, earlier told PEOPLE that she and her boyfriend were on their way up to the top of the 168-foot Verruckt water slide for their scheduled 3 p.m. ride when they saw a large group gathered at the bottom.

“There was a woman being treated for some kind of injury on her face and head,” Friedrichsen, 27, told PEOPLE. “That was when my boyfriend said, ‘I think there is someone else.'”

What her boyfriend Josh Foster pointed out was first responders covering the body of 10-year-old Caleb. Two women in the boat with him – neither related to Caleb – suffered minor facial injuries.

“It looked like he must have somehow been ejected from his seat, bounced around between the netting and the slide and just slid down,” Friedrichsen added. “He would have fallen down without the raft. It’s kind of like a tube.”

Another witness Esteban Castaneda told ABC News that he and his 14-year-old cousin had ridden the slide earlier that day and the teen told him that towards the end of the ride, the Velcro on her belt had come undone.

August 10th2C 2019 These are our newest family members 4111 views todayAugust 10th, 2019 These are our newest family members :)
Dream number 13983 3 November 2020 6 psychic prediction111 views todayEnrique Tarrio attacker on November 4th kills Mr Tarrio 38 days later - same man.
Dream number 13984 3 November 2020 7 psychic prediction111 views todayPlay now (when you read this) pick 2 lottery - day 8 2 night 1 5
Dream number 14286 9 January 2021 2 psychic prediction by Brian Ladd111 views todayPretty sure this is related to the other dream from last night, Atlanta Georgia Amazon date center and the converted Amazon prime truck events happen here - the first event is stopped by an FBI taskforce.
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brian ladds dreams 2016 sadness 11110 views today
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