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dream prediction number 6860 7 september 1 dreams brian ladd2 views todayDetails of the upcoming arson attacks by the New Black Panther Party on US Government Buildings, to include time and location...these 2 flags will be the only clue authorities will have on the fires that will kill dozens of people
dream prediction number 6861 7 september 2 dreams brian ladd2 views todayno background check, Gambino crime family responsible for plane crash that killed 276 people, Oscar Munoz 7793 7793 1134 'Authorities confirm that Oscar Munoz was onboard flight number 116 that crashed this morning
dream prediction number 6862 7 september 3 dreams brian ladd2 views today1.7 milliom CAD missing 37 years wood side park kitchener (kitchen?) Canada
dream prediction number 6866 8 september 2 dreams brian ladd2 views today720917000 Bolivia Korea no engine trouble when it arrives at Port of Ashdod, Israel is a terrorist state and will pay the ultimate price (Terrorist attack against Israel using sarin gas and other chemical weapons supplied by the DPRK)
dream prediction number 6869 9 september 1 dreams brian ladd2 views todaysimple pattern for mega millions Fridays next 4 draws, September 11th 1 and 9?? watch, it looks like the rest of the numbers are for the next 6 Fridays draws for the MegaMillions Lottery, oddly the numbers 9 and 1 shows 9 times in the next 4 drawings
dream prediction number 6871 10 september 1 dreams brian ladd2 views todayMassive weight loss while you sleep, it involves taking milligrams of Diphenhydramine (which can be dangerous) and using a system of 4 electric pads each @ 9.6 volts set to oscillate? at 30? Other DD's in invention section.
dream prediction number 6879 11 september 3 dreams brian ladd2 views today Oscar Munoz 276 G? 7793 family crime paid shooter plane crash (this is almost an exacy copy of dd 6861 from the 7th of this month, all the numbers are the same too)
dream prediction number 6880 11 september 4 dreams brian ladd2 views todaytower, eye problem, AZ Shooter 4469811821
dream prediction number 6878 11 september 2 dreams brian ladd~02 views today 37539 12228209 call me choke me box 14117 37539 crime scene photo leaked by PD, collar on crime scene photo, look back in the box, Roberto Aguire finally released folder? 41637?? (as far as I know, the box has not been found but the crime cane photos are real and I will post more on this when I can but image will be censored as always)
dream prediction number 6881 12 september 1 dreams brian ladd2 views todayNothing new here, location of human remains on the beach, Praia da Luz Portugal
dream prediction number 6882 12 september 2 dreams brian ladd2 views today37053.32.9 122 28 209 Robin Williams - Susan Schneider home, he has the photos (putting a copy of this in the appropriate section)
dream prediction number 6885 12 september 5 dreams brian ladd2 views todayde-railer, 661372811 DHS cover up September 2015 factory, church of? another derailment in the USA with the same derailing devise...more details on the dd
2015-archives-Australia-Monday-Lottery-Win-draw-3466-July-6th-2015-all-8-numbers-were-correct2 views today
2015-archives-dream-prediction-number-6232-1-january-2015-1-dreams-brian-ladd~02 views today
2015-archives-dream-prediction-number-6234-1-january-2015-3-dreams-brian-ladd2 views today
2015-archives-dream-prediction-number-6235-2-january-2015-1-dreams-brian-ladd2 views today
2015-archives-dream-prediction-number-6237-2-january-2015-3-dreams-brian-ladd2 views today
2015-archives-dream-prediction-number-6238-3-january-2015-1-dreams-brian-ladd2 views today
2015-archives-dream-prediction-number-6240-3-january-2015-3-dreams-brian-ladd2 views today
2015-archives-dream-prediction-number-6241-4-january-2015-1-dreams-brian-ladd2 views today
2015-archives-dream-prediction-number-6242-7-january-2015-1-dreams-brian-ladd2 views today
2015-archives-dream-prediction-number-6243-8-january-2015-1-dreams-brian-ladd2 views today
2015-archives-dream-prediction-number-6248-13-january-2015-1-dreams-brian-ladd2 views today
2015-archives-dream-prediction-number-6257-15-january-2015-2-dreams-brian-ladd2 views today
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